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Unblock your energies Re-discover yourself with Tibetan Singing Bowls


Healing and Energizing through our ancient practices

Shree has been living and working in the US for over 17 years. Born in Kerala, India, the land of Ayurveda, she grew up watching her ancestors practice Holistic healing, with herbal medicine remedies for several ailments. She learnt that the key to well-being lies in holistic healing methods, the traditional healing system that restores the balance and flow of energy throughout the body, mind, and soul.

She decided to quit her successful career and focus on her inner calling – to help others. Since then, she has dedicated her life to bringing about holistic changes in people’s lives through ancient and scientific healing approaches.

She practices sound healing, astrology and past life regression therapy.

Why Tibetan singing bowls?

We have 3 levels of body, Mind body, Physical body and Energy body. To function effectively, all these 3 should be in harmony.

Imbalance in Energy body
Every time we go through traumatic events in our life, we store emotions forming emotional & energy blockages, negative associations and patterns. In our everyday we are surrounded with all kind of people, just like how dust accumulates in our body negative energy gets absorbed in our body. Through my session, I read the energies, identify the blockages and relive these blockages and negative energies with singing bowl healing sessions.

Imbalance in Mind Body
When the brain is aroused and actively engaged in mental activities, it generates beta waves, can induce alertness, but may also produce agitation, anxiety. Through our sound therapy we generates alpha , theta and even to a delta state brain waves, which integrates body/ mind, initiates healing and restores  calmness and relaxation to your inner state

Imbalance in Physical Body
Most of the ailments and disease in our body is caused due to improper blood flow. With the help of singing bowls we vibrate the cells in our body and enable proper blood flow in our body. Sing bowl sessions can also heal psychosomatic disorders in our body

Inner Balance

Reduces stress and anxiety


Lowers, agitation, anger and blood pressure

Blood Flow

Improves circulation and increases blood flow


Deep relaxation and pain relief


Balances your chakras


Cleanses your aura

Our sessions

When Singing Bowls Vibrate, they send waves of vibration and sound throughout a person’s body, harmonizing cells. Singing bowls also have relaxing effect on the brain, slowing brain waves thereby bringing a person to a deep meditative state. Today, singing bowls are famous worldwide for meditation, music, relaxation and personal well-being. The sound of singing bowls touches every part and cell of our body and transforms us to function emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Aura/Chakra Cleansing

As your interactions with the world increase, your body may attract negative energies that may work against your inner well-being. We break up the energy with sounds and vibrate your cells back into balance as we cleanse through each of the 7 chakras leaving your mind and body feeling refreshed and realigned.

Cell Rejuvenation

Tibetan singing bowls are used for deep relaxation and muscle regeneration. Improper blood flow is the cause of many diseases and ailments in our bodies. The vibrations from the singing bowls increase the blood flow in your body thereby alleviating most of the issues called by poor blood flow. An invigorating and intensely relaxing experience.

Healing Rhythms

In Himalayan cultures, sound is used as a powerful tool for healing, meditation and self-transformation. Healing rhythms immerse the body in a listening experience where the mind and body are guided into a deep state of awareness through sounds. This therapeutic method restores calmness and relaxation to your inner state.

Couples Sound Healing

Sound therapy invokes states of deep relaxation, where the healing of emotional pain and scars becomes much easier. Helps create harmonious energy in relationships to release the past and create a better future of togetherness leading to higher love, health, wealth and prosperity.

Client Testimonials

My therapy was absolutely incredible. We managed to work through my blockages and I entered a complete meditative state. I came away feeling lighter and much more in tune with myself.


I had New experience, which I found matching with me perfectly and would love to explore myself more.

ANDA FREIJA (Maldives)

My mind and body became completely relaxed after the treatment. My body felt light. I was having issues with stiff muscles and shoulders. I could feel my shoulder after the treatment. I started swimming. My back pain was gone and felt my back became much stronger.

Radik Mingazov (Russia)

I went into deep state where I saw the inside of my body, different organs. I saw something clogged inside of my stomach, then I saw a big yellow lotus with red tips and white. It was an amazing experience. I felt completly revived.

Rustam Salimshin

Thank you for the sound experience. I cannot put it into words. I was lovely and challenging. Thank you for channeling your energy to heal me. I felt your strong energy during the mediation.

Daniiela Di Fabio
( Australia)